Welcome to NC State

My name is Michael McCord and I am a freshman. I hope to become a Mechanical Engineer in the near future. However I am at a stand still between that, Civil or Electrical engineering. One main reason why these fields are an interest to me is because growing up I always enjoyed building things and exploring how things worked. Also I have an older brother who left when I was at a young age to NCSSM and then UNC for Chemistry. He has always been a big influence behind why I wanted to be an engineer so I could be just like him.

My Hobbies vary in different ways. To start with I enjoy going outside and exploring nature by hiking, fishing, hunting, pretty much putting myself in the woods and watching nature act out. Also i enjoy doing sports and hanging out with friends. Some sports that I enjoy are soccer, wrestling, occasional basketball and racquet ball. But I enjoy being on my own too. Nothing beats playing video games either with friends or by myself.

If I had to choose cats or dogs, I would obviously have to choose dogs. To begin with if you have a dog you automatically have a good friend. While if you have a cat, they can hate you or be nice or be evil or good. It is too great of a variable for me so I say dogs for sure. Although i have had more accidents with dogs than with cats, cats just seem so evil to me. They sit quietly in a distance staring at you like they are plotting something.

Google My favorite paper
Class Name Grade
Chem 111 B
Eng 101 B
E115 Pass
Hunting fail