Welcome to Miranda's Life!

I am Miranda Mozick and am a freshman at NC State. I hail from the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, which is my favorite city because who could not love a Primanti's sandwich. If you have never had one, I suggest you fly to Pittsburgh right now and buy one, I promise they are amazing. I am choosing to major in Industrial Engineering due to the fact that I want to mass produce these delicious sandwiches in an efficent manor so that they do not cost so much to send them across the country. If this does not work in my favor, I want to eventually head back up to Pittsburgh because all of my family is from there but for now I love living in North Carolina. Pittsburgh has a great job market where I will be able to be successful.

My favorite hobby is swimming. I am on the club swim team at State and love it! I have been swimming since I was 5 years old and have competed in meets across the country. Swimming throughout the years has allowed me to eat whatever I want, mainly because I have spent close to 30 hours a week in a pool from September to March. Although I had many moments where I did not like it anymore and wass tired of doing the same thing everyday, I would never trade the time I had in the water. I was a captain on my high school team during my senior year.

Forever 21


    How to Make a Turkey Sandwich
  1. Gather bread, mayo, turkey, and a tomato
  2. Put mayo on bread
  3. Cut tomato into slices
  4. Place two slices of turkey and a slice of tomato on the bread
  5. Place one last piece of bread on top
  6. ENJOY!
Class Grade
Calculus 2 B-
Chemistry B+
English A-
Michael Phelps