Welcome to my About Me page

My name is Matthew Schmithorst. I am a freshman here at NC State. I am an computer science major. I chose computer science because I had a teacher in high school that got me really interested in it. I also chose it because I like programming and I want to make computer programs.

This past summer I worked at Kroger. I was a Deli Clerk. I cut meats and cheeses for customers. I developed great customer service skills while working there. I had really nice coworkers that made work more fun.

My Face

Interesting Classes

  1. CSC 116
  2. HI 253
  3. CH 101
  4. E 101
Organization Link
Engineers Council https://ncsuengineerscouncil.wordpress.com/
Wolfpack Motorsports http://www.wolfpackmotorsports.com/