All About Me

My name is Madison White. I am currently a freshman studying biology. I plan on transferring to Chemical Engineering.
I chose biology because I really enjoyed my AP Biology class, but I plan on switching to engineering because I
love to design and make different things. Also, I have really enjoyed all the chemistry classes that I have taken.
I plan on concentrating in either Biomanufacturing or Biomolecular Chemical Engineering.

In the animal anatomy class that I took last semester I learned about a type of monkey known as the white faced
monkey. This is also the kind of monkey that Ross owned on the first season of Friends. This type of Capuchin
monkey can be found in tropical environments such as in the Caribbean. These monkeys are small and adults
normally weigh 5.5 to 8 pounds. As described in their name, these monkeys have white faces and a black body.

My Favorite Websites


How To Order Pizza from Gumby's

  1. Call Gumby's Pizza
  2. Order a Large Cheese Pizza with Pokey Sticks
  3. Drive to pick up the Pizza and Pokey Sticks
  4. Enjoy and savor the yummy Pokey Sticks (they are so good)

Class Grade
MA 241 A+
ENG 101 A
PY 205 C
PY 206 A+
E115 S
EC 205 A