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My name is Musaab Alamoudi. I'm a freshman pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering (IE). I chose IE because of two major advantages. Firstly, it's the only engineering major that has deep basis with administration and business which are two things that I'm most interested in. Secondly, I want to develop problem-solving mindset of engineering and that with the first reason should give me the tools I wanted to start my own enterprise.

I have a wide variety of hobbies, but my favourite hobbies are audio reproduction and video gaming. I've been playing video games since my early childhood. Video games allow me to venture beyond any boundaries, to express myself, and to fly with vivid imagination. On the other hand, I'm deeply passionate about music, both progressive metal and classical. That sincere love took me on a journey to professional audio world that I was really amazed by. I'm now an audiophile, a serious music listener that enjoys all type of music on a super high defined audio equipments.

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    How to make a Tuna sandwich
  1. Take the tuna out of your refrigerator
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Class Expected Grade
FLE101 A
E115 S
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