Welcome to My Page

Hello, my name is Mateen Alinaghian and im a softmore at North Carolina State University. My major is Civil Engineering with a minor in business.
I choose Civil Engineering for mulitple reasons. The first is my father is one currently and he has showed me many features and projects he creates.
The second reason is the time and benefits amazon detail and structure you learn about when designing buildings, bridges, and etc.
Overall, Im looking foward to learning more about Civil Engineering as well as seeing the business aspect behind it.

A few of my favorite hobbies are basketball, soccer, learning new things and lifting weights.
Im really enjoy playing sports as well as learning about new ones as well.
On my time off from school I play pickup basketball and soccer games.
On the weekends, I attempt to learn something new and productive.
From learning how a engine of car works or making a watch work.
Five days a week I enjoy going into the gym and liftng weights and staying healthy.

NBA Basketball

CLick Here for my Resumme
  1. Go to Papa Johns
  2. Select Crust type
  3. Select Cheese type
  4. Select Toppings
  5. Place Order
Course Name Expected Grade
REL-110 A
MAT-141 A
E-115 PASS

Playing Basketball