Welcome to Maryam's Personal Webpage

My Name is Maryam Aljeshi. I am a freshman. I'm in First Year Engineering--Computer Science intend. I love to learn new languages, it is fun and I can be good at. In computer science we learn different computer languages. That is why I choose to major in Computer Science.

I love cooking. It's fun and fascinating. I can use simple ingredients to make sophisticated food. I started to love cooking when I was 8 years old. I always watched my mom cook and tried to copy her. Now youtube cooking videos and food network are my cooking teacher. Whenever I feel stress I cook, it can really help to calm me down.


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How to make a pizza

  1. Go to food lion
  2. Go to the frozen food section
  3. Get a frozen pizza
  4. Go home
  5. Follow the instruction on the box
  6. Vola~

Classes and expected Grades:

Class Grade
CH 101 A
MA 421 B+
EC 205 A+