Mohanad Alsaftawi's College Extravaganza

Hello, My name is Mohanad Alsaftawi and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. My current intended major is Chemical Engineering. I've always been passionate about chemistry. I took three years of chemistry in High School and it became something I enjoyed greatly. So here I am, about to embark on a long chemical journey.

I have a number of favorite hobbies, but playing soccer has got to be number one. I was very excited about coming to NCSU because of the Intramural soccer teams. The first task on my list when I arrived here was create a soccer team, and, not surprisingly at all, we've made the playoffs! I've enjoyed soccer since I was a kid, whether it was playing recreational, competitive, or just for fun with friends. Soccer is awesome!

Funniest Website Ever! Soccer is Awesome!!
    How I make my Sandwich
  1. Put mayonnaise on both slices of bread
  2. Put slices of turkey breasts on one slice of bread
  3. Put one slice of cheese on one slice of bread
  4. Put mustard on turkey
  5. Close sandwich
Class Grade
Calculus 1 A+
E115 S
Chemistry 101 A+