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My name is Manishka Mathur. I am a part of college of Engineering at NCState and my intent is Computer Science. I am an international student from India. My aniticipated Graduation year will be 2021. I find coding easy and have done C++ for past 2 years in high School back in India, and hence decided to take Computer Science as my major. I am also deeply interested in Music, Singing, creating some Music, and plan to take music as my minor.

I am currently a student. I was the class representative for 2 years in high School i.e. in Junior and Senior year. I am good at computers and find coding easy that's why I took Computer Science but I am not sure if I want to sit behind a screen all my life. I want some active job, so I am exploring things in order to make a decision. I am also very much inclined to Music, so I might do something in that field.

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List of Most Interesting Classes:

  1. MA141
  2. CH101
  3. EC205
  4. ENG101
    1. Campus Organizations

      Name lINK
      Women's Club Volleyball https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/830
      Women's Club Basketball https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/826