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I am a Sophomore at NC State and I currently do not have a major. Although after the Fall semester I will hopefully be an Industrial Engineering Major. I am interested in Industrial Engineering because I enjoy math and physics but I also enjoy working and interacting with other people. This major is good for someone with an interest in all of those things as the coursework has a lot of math and physics based classes and the career involved with this major works with people typically including a company's workers and the suppliers that the company works with.

My favorite animal is a goat. I like goats because I think they are really cute animals. I like goats so much that when I was a sophomore in high school I convinced my cross country coach to buy goats for our cross country team. We used the goats to trim down our trails as we would tie them up in various areas of the trail that needed to be trimmed down.

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  1. Get needed ingredients
  2. Flatten pizza dough
  3. Spread sauce over pizza
  4. Put cheese and other desired toppings over sauce
  5. Bake pizza in oven
  6. Cut pizza and enjoy
Class Expected Grade
Ma 242 A-
Acc 210 A
Py 205 B+
Baby Goat