The Wonderful Story of An Assignment I didn't want to do

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Welcome to the front page of an assignment i really wanted to do.

I am Michael McMillan, a Freshman, without a major. I'm interested in a variety of majors, including but not limited to, Computer Science, Business, and Music. I spend most of my day listening to music, playing music, producing music, and learning about music. Thinking about frequencies. I enjoy Business a lot because in a sense, Business is America's one true religion. I like computer science because computers have changed the world and how we do everything. The influence is really great.

Music is definitely my favorite hobby. I wake up and listen to music or at least think about music. I generally sleep thinking about music. I used to sleep with music on, just to see what may happen to my subconscious, or whatever dreams really are. Sometimes I would choose them based on how they might look. For example, I could choose Merzbow to see if I'll have hypnotic nightmares, or listen to La Monte Young to see if I'll have some kind of overpowering Out of Body Experience dream. I could listen to Public Enemy to see if I'll wake up with a big clock on my neck.

I <3 Google. They know more about me than I do. Check the friendly new logo. google

My favorite paper.

how to make pizza (?)

  1. Get cheese, pepperoni.
  2. Think about getting ingredients to handmake pizza.
  3. Get Bread.
  4. Sandwich.
Course Expected Grade
E115 EMA 370 EC 201
S B A-