Medvinsky Michael
Department of Mathematics
North Carolina State University

it's me

My name is Michael Medvinsky, I am Research Assitant Professor at North-Carolina State University (NCSU). I am working together with Prof. Semyon V. Tsynkov on high order numerical methods for the propagation of electromagnetic waves through the media with material discontinuities and irregular geometry.


I used to be a Scott Assistance Professor Lecturer at University of Utah and later an adjunct lecturer at Afeka College of Engineering in Tel Aviv.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Tel-Aviv University. My research was supervised by Professor Eli Turkel from Tel Aviv University and by Professor Semyon Tsynkov who hosted me during my yearlong internship at the North Carolina State University in 2010-11. The subject of my thesis is "High order numerical simulation of waves using regular grids and non-conforming interfaces". In particular, I was concentrated on a high order numerical methods for propagation of electromagnetic waves through the media with material discontinuities.

I obtained my M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics at Tel-Aviv University (TAU) under the supervision of Professor Eli Turkel. The subject of my thesis research was "Comparison of Local Absorbing Radiation Conditions for Scattering about Elliptical Body". A new radiation condition based on modal expansion in Mathew functions was introduced.

Parallel with my MSc studies, I became a co-founder of a still existing startup company WeFi, at the area of Wireless Network Solutions (Wi-Fi) and Social Networking. After creating a successful demo version that attrated US$ 7M investment, I was focused on an algorithmic and coding development of kernel drivers, networking and applications.

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