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Meagan Harrison

The Basics.

I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University.
I am hoping to CODA into Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering
at the end of this semester. Since I am going to double major, and possibly
obtain a minor in business, I will most likely be graduating in May 2021 rather
than May 2020. While I will be at school an extra year, I think the extra
experience will be worth the additional time.

The real question: Why Paper Science?

Appying to NCSU, I was originally looking to study just Chemical
Engineering. However, I learned of Paper Science, toured
the labs, and met some of the students. After hearing all
the additional opportunities I could gain from double majoring
I decided that was the path for me. I'm not quite sure what
I want to do with my degree; I could possibly work in a Paper
or I could work more in the Chemical field, maybe with pharmeseuticals.
After working in industry, I would like to eventually just
consult with companies.

My Skills and Qualities