Hello, I would like to begin by saying thank you for visitng my page. This page is a page used for school-work and practice of both elements of CSS and HTML code, including but not limited to styling, coding, and syntax. Now that formalities are out of the way, let's dive in. My name is Maciej Kedzierski, I am an 18y/o freshman at North Carolina State Univeristy. I am in the College of Engineering, and although I am officially undecided in my intended major, I am thinking of majoring in Computer Science. If I cannot get into the Computer Science department at North Carolina State Univeristy, I will mostl likely major in Computer Engineering with a double major in Electrical Engineering.

In my short life, particularly my short teenage years, I have worked a multitude of jobs. My first job was working for a tutoring center called Kumon, where I graded the classwork and homework of children who attented the center. My second, and longest held job, was working for a friend who established a lawncare company, going as so far as to turn it into an LLC! My thrid job was a pizza delivery job. Currently I am employed by North Carolina State Univeristy in the IT department, specifically the ClassTech department.

Most Interesting Classes I have Taken at NCSU

  1. Darwinism Throughout History
  2. Ma 141
  3. E 115
  4. Chem 101

Interesting Clubs at NCSU

Name Website
Competetive Rock Climbing Club at NCSU Link
Ski and Snowboard Club at NCSU Link