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My name is Melissa Leib and I am a freshman First Year Engineer. Although I came in intended for Chemical Engineering here at NCSU, I am now considering other majors. These include Biological, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering. As of right now, I am most likely going to remain in the Chemical Engineering department, but all of these choices are an option at the time. Chemical Engineering interests me because I would love to work with vaccinations and I love Chemistry. However, biology, computer programming, and the mechanics of cars also fascinate me.

My favorite hobby is dancing. I have been dancing from the age of 4 and have danced Ballet, Modern, Tap, African, Jazz, Hip-hop, and Clogging. Currently, I am very involved in a dance crew on NC State's campus called Fusion and we perform hip-hop dance and hold community classes for other students at NCSU. I am also taking a clogging class at NC State. In clogging we are working on group projects and my group has decided to choreograph a clogging routine to Anaconda by Nicki Minaj.

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    How to make the best PB and J
  1. Put a slice of bread down
  2. Put peanut butter on the slice of bread
  3. Put another slice of bread down
  4. Put apricot jelly on this slice of bread
  5. Put the slices of bread together and Voila!

Course Name Expected Grade
MA141 B (I'm feeling optimistic)
CH101 A
ENG101 A