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My name is Malia Morgan and I am a freshman majoring in Math Education. Specifically, I would like to teach high school mathematics. I have always liked math more than any other core subject; however, the amount that I liked it was always influenced by the teacher that I had. In my opinion, math is incredibly enjoyable when you know what you're doing. Although the concepts in classes like Algebra II and Calculus can be challenging just on their own, an incompetent teacher can make them that much more difficult. I am majoring in Math Education because I want to be the educator that helps students experience the stimulating feeling of understanding difficult concepts.

One of my favorite hobbies is Young Life. Young Life is a campus ministry that I'm avidly involved in, here at NC State. The most fun part of Young Life is the weekly Club that happens on Tuesday night. Every Tuesday night, the Young Life community comes together to hang out, sing songs, play games, and all around just have a great time! I like spending my time doing Young Life because it is this amazing community of people that always know how to have fun! God is good.

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    How to Make Malia's Favorite Sandwich
  1. Use an English muffin instead of bread
  2. Fry an egg
  3. Cook sausage
  4. Place egg and sausage on opposite sides of English muffin
  5. Put cheese in the middle
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 B
COM 112 B-
ED 100 A+
MA 241 C-
E 115 S
Young Life