Welcome to my Independent Assignment Page

My name is Megan Collins. I am a freshman at NC State University and I hope to graduate in four years as a mechanical Engineer. I am interested in this major because I love math and excel in it greatly. I have heard great things about this major from friends and family. NC State is the place to go for this major.

A job I was previously employed at was a frozen yogurt place called Menchies. They had tons of flavors and toppings, and I got all of it for free! I don't know how I didn't gain more weight from eating fro-yo every day. I worked there for two years and made some really good friends there as well. I go back to visit every summer now to see how everyone is.

A picture of Megan

My Favourite Classes:

  1. MA 242
  2. MA 341
  3. CH 101
  4. E 115
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