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Picture of Me

Major, University, and Graduation Date

My current intended major is to be a computer/electrical engineer with a dual major. This however may change depending on how much I enjoy the classes related to these subjects. There are numeruous majors at North Carolina State University that interest me. I hope to get a degree and graduate in the year of 2020.

My Choice of Major

My choice of major started when I was quite young as I always enjoyed playing around with computers. I would enjoy seeing how things worked with one another and thinking about why things worked that way. This led me to the path of computer engineering as it seems suitable for my liking. I intend to get a job at a fortune 500 company with the degree I get as it will allow me to prosper in a good environment.

Special Skills and Qualities

Class Course Semester
Chemistry CH101 First
Calculus 2 MA241 First
Introduction to Computer Systems ECE109 Second