Welcome: puffins puffins puffins...... Hello

Hi My name is Megan.
I am a freshman.
My major is Computer Engineering.
I chose this major because I knew that I wanted to do something in Engineering and this seemed like it would be the most interesting.
I also chose it because I would like to work somewhere in the tech industry overseas (like in Asia).
Also, it would be easier to get a double major, and that always looks good on a resume.... plus it would pay well and has many opportunities

My favourite animal is the puffin.
I like birds in general, I just think the puffin is especially cute.
Puffins are similar to penguins in that a brooding pair will form a long-term relationship and both help to construct the nest.
Also like penguins, the female will only lay a single egg.
However, unlike penguins, puffins can fly.
Iceland is home to the most Atlantic puffins

My favourite website is Youtube

my second favourite site...


how to make pizza.....cuz we're college students and this is important

  1. First you a maka da dough
  2. Rolla outta da dough so it is nice and flat
  3. Then you can adda your tomato sauce; make sure to spread it nice and even
  4. Adda your Mozzarella cheese
  5. Finish by adding any other toppings of your choice: pepperoni, sausage, spinach......etc
  6. Bake and enjoy!

grades I hope I get.....

course expected grade
FLC302 A
ECE109 A
PY208 A
E115 S
MA242 A

AWW YEAAA Puffins!

puffin picture