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Hello, my name is Michael Cavenaugh, and I am a transfer student from Johnston Community College. This is my first semester at NC State Univeristy and I am currently taking classes that would be considered Junior status. I am majoring in Civil Engineering and planning to graduate in the fall of 2019.

My job, before I attended school at NC State Univeristy, was an Office Assistant at the law firm of Brent Adams and Associates. I worked primarily at the main office location which is in Dunn, North Carolina. I worked here for three years, gaining more job responsibilities as I acquired more experience. Eventually, I managed the orders of office supplies for all three office locations, while I also managed the process of closing all cases. Other responsibilities included, requesting medical records, delivering time sensitive documents to court houses, and basic secretarial duties.

Classes I find Interesting

  1. Hydraulics
  2. Hydrology and Urban Water Systems
  3. Engineering Behavior of Soil and Foundation
  4. Thermodynamics

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