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Hi! My name is Michael Dunn and I am a Freshman in FYC. I came to NC State not knowing what I wanted to do so I decided to join the Exploratory Studies program. After a while, I became interested in Environmental Engineering, but now I am looking at Biology. I would like Biology because I would choose a concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation which would allow me to work to conserve the environment. This would also let me work outside and do lots of field work which would make me happy.

My favorite hobby is sailing. I lived in Davidson, NC which is right by Lake Norman so I was able to go sailing on the lake. I joined the sailing club that is by my house and they let me take out there Sunfish Sailboats whenever I wanted. My family just recently got a larger 19 foot West White Porter that I can take out over the summer. Next Year I am also thinking about joining either the sailing club or team here at NC State.

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FLS 201 MA 141 E 115
A- B+ 700 points

no sailboat :(