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Hello, my name is Martin Lehmann and I am currently enrolled at North Carolina State University. I am a freshman with a civil engineering degree intent. I decided to go into civil engineering because of my love for building things and understanding structures. I never get tired of looking at buildings and admiring their structures. I believe I will find success in life if I complete my degree and find a job that I love.

I enjoy spending my free time playing golf. I played in high school and I was our varsity team captain. I led our team to a conference championship and three state championship appearances with a few top five finishes. I also worked on a golf course and enjoyed my time there. I like golf because I will still be able to play it once I am old.

Here is Golf

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How To Make My Favorite Pizza

  1. Call Marco's Pizza
  2. Ask for code 1050
  3. Choose pepperoni and parmesan crust as toppings
  4. Go get it

  5. Here is a table of my classes and my expected grade

    Class Grade
    MA 241 A+
    ENG 101 A+
    CH 101 A+
    E 115 A+
    E 101 A+
    E 144 A+