Welcome to my About Me Page!

A picture of Michael

Hello my name is Michael McKnight and I am a freshman at NCSU. I am currently a Biomedical Engineering major. I chose this major because of different health issues within my family. Also I want to be a doctor and thought an engineering background would give me a unique approach to health care.

Currently I am employed as a research assisitant in the Applied Ecology Department. So far my job has consisted of managing different fish specimens for educational use. The research team I am apart of is working on understanding feeding habits related to growth and favorable genetic traits in hybrid striped bass. So we can increase efficiency and growth of these fish to be sold in a competitve market

Four Most Interesting classes

  1. Intro chemistry
  2. Calc 3
  3. Organic chemistry
  4. Differential Equations

Biomedical Clubs I am a part of

Club Name Club Website
Helping Hands Click Here
Biomedical Devices Click Here