Welome to my Website!

My name is Maitri Patel! I am a Freshman majoring in Computer Science. I chose this major because I really enjoy coding. I think it's really interesting all of the different tasks you can accomplish by coding.

The summer between my junior and senior year in highschool, I worked as a research assistant at a hospital in Maryland. I got to help with the case studies that the doctors were working on by help collect data and make rounds with the doctors. It was really interesting and a really great experience even though I almost passed out on one of the rounds. Since I worked with the patients in the hospital, I got the chance to wear scrubs, which are really comfortable. When we would go visit out-patients, patients that are not admitted into the hospital, I would have to wear a white coat.

The Most Interesting Classes I've Taken:

  1. Intro to Communication Theory
  2. Biology 181
  3. Pre-Calculus
  4. Social Dance

Organizations I'm a Member of:

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