Welcome to my About Me page!

Hi my name is Madison Taylor and I am a freshman in Engineering at North Carolina State University! I am hoping to CODA (change of degree application) into Industrial Engineering at the end of my freshman year. I chose this type of Engineering because it is so broad and I can really do anything with this degree. I also enjoy organizing items and making processes more efficient. I could work in a typical factory setting or I could work in the medical field and help manufacture medical devices!

During my senior year of high school I worked at a local pharmacy. I was able to learn a lot about the pharmaceutical industry, and how to communicate and interact with costumers. One day I would like to work for a pharmaceutical company, and possibly manage a team of engineers.

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  1. ISE 215-Foundations of Design and 3D Modeling for Engineers
  2. CH 101-Chemistry
  3. ISE 443-Quality Design and Control
  4. ISE 453-Production Systems Design

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