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Hello there, my name is Mason and I'm a freshman at NC State University. My official major right now is "Undecided Engineering," but I hope to be a Chemical Engineer. I chose Chemical Engineering because of my good high school experiences in both chemistry and engineering. In both classes I had incredible teachers, and though I really only enjoyed chemistry I figured that engineering was a good way to make my interest in chemistry marketable. And since apparently I need 5 sentences here, so here you are.

This paragraph is about my favorite hobby, writing. However, I should be more specific; I really only enjoy writing fiction. Nonfiction is interesting only in the ability to toy with words and sentences, which can be found in nearly every written medium. Fiction truly brings out the skill in a writer, however, since a good plot, round characters, and especially a unique style of writing cannot be found by research. They have to come from within.

The Site that Can Find You Your Wildest Dreams
  1. Procure 2 slices of white bread, thinly sliced turkey, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato.
  2. Get hyped for the sandwich.
  3. Close your eyes and believe.
  4. The sandwich will appear assembled before you from the gathered ingredients.
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
Karate Pass
Economics A
Creative Writing