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My name is Miranda Rapoza and I am a freshman in FYE. I plan on majoring in Construction Engineering. There are two types which I am still picking between: General Construction and Mechanical Construction. I came to these majors when I was offered an internship with DPR Construction this summer. I had no idea which tpye of engineering I would like best, but now I think I am interested in real estate development. I believe one of these two majors would be my best two options to pursue that plan.
My favorite hobby is dancing. I am on Fusion Dance Crew at NCSU. This is my first semester on the team and I have enjoyed it so far. We do hip hop as well as a few other styles. I also enjoy salsa dancing on the weekends. My favorite venue is Cuban Revolution in Durham. They have salsa night every Thursday.

Shakori Hills
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how to make cheese pizza

  1. open can of premade dough
  2. roll out said dough
  3. dump the red pizza sauce onto the dough
  4. spread out said sauce
  5. sprinkle cheese evenly over the pizza
  6. bake in the oven
Class Expected Grade
E115 A
EC205 A
PY205 C
HON296 A
PY206 A
MA242 A
FLS331 A
salsa dancers