Welcome to MY page!

My name is Michael Ashburn, and welcome to MTV Cribz webpage addition. I am an undergraduate at NC State University, class of 2019. I plan to major in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Biomolecular Engineering, and am considering a minor in Cognitive Science. I chose my major because I have always loved building and designing things. I love math, and I love biology and chemistry. I hope to go into the medical field in either research or primary care, focussing on Neurology.

My favorite hobby is running. I began running in middle school, and fell in love with the sport of cross country. I continued through high school, and won all conference honors sophomore year. I plan on joining the club cross country team at state freshmen year. After that, I want to begin to transition to longer races, half marathons, marathons, and hopefully some ultra-marathon trail races. I also want to complete at least one triathlon while I still have my youth.

The perpetual debate on the superiority of Cats versus Dogs is one which requires further analysis. Both opposing species have unique advantages intrinsic to their very nature, which in turn cause a single answer to be incomplete. As a simple example, my favour of each species depends on my activity. Am I going for a hike or out for a run? A nice Australian shepherd is an adequate companion. Am I a bond villain in need of a lap animal to gently pet as I devise my schemes? A white cat is the obvious choice. As with most dichotomies, the answer depends on the context.

Click on this image of a dolphin go to my favourite website, where you can play Dolphin Olympics 2!

Here is a link to my resume
Here's how to make my favorite sandwich, the good 'ol Peanut Butter and Jelly.
  1. Obtain some fresh whole wheat bread
  2. Spread chunky peanut butter on one side of the bread
  3. Spread whatever jelly strikes your fancy on the other peice of bread
  4. Put one piece of bread on the other, with the covered sides facing each other
  5. Enjoy sandwich IMMEDIATELY, otherwise someone may steal it!
Classes E115 EC201 MA141
Expected Grade 701 92 96

Here's a photo of my favorite hobby, running.