Welcome to Marco.COM

My name is Marco. This is my first year at NC State, making me a freshman. My intended major is electrical engineering. I chose this major because I was always interested in learning how to make electronic devices. Also I could make a very decent salary.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. Soccer is a sport respected worldwide. I enjoy learning new skill moves and using them agaisnt other players. The game brings people together much like other sports but has a very classy air about it. It's a gentlemans game with just enough physical aggresiveness.

My Fave Website Resume

How To Buy Pizza

  1. Dial the Marco's Pizza Number
  2. Ask for Linsey
  3. Order a large 3 topping pizza
  4. Tell them your name's Marco and get the pizza free
  5. Tip the delivery guy

Classes Grades
ECE 109 A
Calc 1 A
Chem 102 A
My Hobby