Hey! My name is Matt Bishop. I'm currently a Freshman at NC State University studying Engineering. I'm not exactly sure what type of engineering I want to do at this point, but I have narrowed my options down to either Biomedical, Chemical, or Civil/Construction Engineering. I chose to go into the field of engineering because I'm pretty good at math and science and thought a career in that field would be interesting. Hopefully I can stick with it and become a very successful engineer.

This year for Halloween I went as a zombie-emo kid. It was pretty fun because all I had to do was dress like a scene kid and then cover myself in blood and make up my face so I looked somewhat dead. It's a good compromise for Halloween costumes, because you look scary enough to pass as someone who really goes out for Halloween, but not so disgusting that you can't pick up the ladies. That's why I usually alternate between a zombie-ish person and a vampire or something like that on Halloween. Too bad the whole Twilight craze makes everyone assume that any guy dressed up as a vampire must be Edward Cullen, it's pretty lame.

Awesome edited picture of me as a Vampire

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My Top 5 Favorite College Football Teams:

  1. NC State
  2. Old Dominion
  3. Virginia Tech
  4. Boise State
  5. Florida