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My name is Max Blackington. My Age is 18, I am a freshman, and I am undecided in my major. I'm looking into electrical engineering so I can bring honor to my family. Also because a long time ago, I was struck by lightning. Since this moment, I can sense and manipulate electric currents with my mind.

My favorite hobby is controlling small creatures with my mind. Like my other ability, this was given to me by a freak accident involving spilled chemicals in my bathroom. I started with ants but have slowly been controlling larger creatures. I knew my strength was growing after I was able to control my family yorky. I hope one day to move on to people, but with my current rate of growth I expect this to not be attainable until I am 22 years old.

Here is an image link to my favorite website:

Whoops... My Resume In Case You Are Curious
  1. Take Bread
  2. Take Nails
  3. Put Nails in bread
  4. Watch The hair grow on your chest
  5. You may now enter the Salty Spitoon.
Class Expected Grade
Physics 205 Economics 200 English 101
C+ A A