I <3 Homework

My name is Mark Brown. I am a freshman mechanical engineering major. I got into this because it is a very broad field that will not shoehorn me into doing one thing the rest of my life. I also consider myself good at math as well as creative. I hope all this will lead to success in mechanical engineering.

Winter Break is my favorite break. Around the time winter break starts, I always get really sick of school. Winter break definitely helps break up the monotony and rejuvenates me. It is a much needed middle-of-the-year break. I cannot wait for this year's winter break.

NCSU_wolf wubwubwub
  1. 1. Call pizza place
  2. 2. Tell them what you want
  3. 3. Wait 30 minutes
  4. 4. Pay for the pizza and tip
Course Name Expected Grade
MA241 A
CH101 B
CH102 A
E115 S
EC205 B
E101 A