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Hello, my name is Michael Casper. I am in my junior year as a chemical engineering major, which I chose because I already have a degree in chemistry, but I wanted to apply that knowledge in a more mathematical and physical context. I also chose the major to give myself the most flexibility in choosing a career, since chemical engineers are needed in just about any industry imaginable.

I currently work as a peer-tutor for the TRiO SSS program here at NCSU. I get to tutor students in subjects including chemistry, math, and physics, which I enjoy a lot. It's also nice that I'm able to brush up on some basics that I often forget about when it's been years since I've taken a course. My dream job would have to be being an engineer for a company in the space industry, like NASA or SpaceX.

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  1. Modern Physics (currently taking)
  2. Principles of Applied Mathematics (taken)
  3. General Relativity (want to take)
  4. Quantum Mechanics (want to take)
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