Mehdi Ryan Garcia Cornell

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I am currently an Electrical Engineering Student at North Carolina University. I plan to graduate by the year 2019.

Why Electrical Engineering ?

During high school, I was involved with a program called Project Lead The Way, a program dedicated to enstill a love for engineering to high school students. The program became extremely intereseting my senior year when we started building circuits with logic gates and other components. I struggled immensely with the circuits, however, it was rewarding when the ciruits worked. I then decided to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. I plan to specialize in power systems engineering and work with renewable energy systems. This will allow me to go back to my nation of birth, Honduras, and establish renewable energy systems across the rural portion of the country where electricity is not widely available. This way, people can fulfill their aspirations.

Relevant Skills

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 301 Linear Systems Spring 2017
ECE 303 Electromag Fields Fall 2017
ECE 380 Engineering Profession for Electrical Engineers Fall 2017