Welcome to my Page!

My name is Matthew Harmody, I am a freshman, and my intended major is biomedical engineering. My second choice for my major is chemical engineering as biomedical is difficult to get into. If I get into biomedical I plan to focus on device implementation. If I choose chemical I have less of an idea of what I would like to pursue. One advantage of chemical is that it is much easier to co-op than in biomedical. Those are my top two choices for my major.

One of my favorite hobbies is distance running. I ran competitively in high school, but did not have what it took to run for NC State. I also wasn't sure I wanted to make the commitment to being an athlete. After a slight injury at the beginning of school, I run a few days a week on my own and I could not be happier. Running relieves the stress of school and takes me away from homework for thirty minutes to an hour. I will hopefully continue this hobby for most of my life.

ESPN "Running Times"
  1. Get bread, peanut butter, and nutella
  2. Cover one slice of bread with peanut butter
  3. Cover one slice of bread with nutella
  4. Put the two slices together and eat
Class Predicted Grade
MA 242 A-
ENG 101 B+
HON 202 A