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Hello, my name is Matthew Hrycyna, I am a freshman in engineering and I hope to CODA in mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I have always been interested in how things work. As a child, I would often work on my dad's truck and I would also spend endless hours reading about cars and their mechanisms.

Prior to arriving to NC State I had many hobbies. I played basketball, football, the guitar and the piano. Now that my free time is practically depleted, my only remaining hobby is playing the guitar with my roommate. Also, I greatly enjoy lifting weights since it is an easy way for me to let out my stress that has occurred and built up during the day.

engine Resume!!
  1. Call the pizza place.
  2. Ask for a large pizza with extra cheese.
  3. Give them your name and pay.
  4. Wait for the pizza to finally arrive!
  5. Course Name Expected Grade
    Calculus III A
    Introduction to Archaeology A
    E115 S