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My name is Marcus Jones and I am a freshman here at NC State. I plan on majoring in Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering. I chose this major because I am a science fanatic and I love Chemistry and I would love to do more research with chemical reactions. Also, I love Biology, I would love to do genetics and find cures for diseases and disorders such as Williams Syndrome,Huntingtons disease, and any other diseases that are catastrophic towards human health. I also love art so during my spare time,I plan on making comic strips.

Outside of school I enjoy having fun and hanging out with friends. During the summer, I enjoy hanging with my family as well as watching television, going to the beach and other outdoor activities. I love going camping and playing outside. Other hobbies of mine during the summer are sleep, being lazy, and playing sports. The greatest thing about summer is that I get the chance to neglect my schoolwork for once

Marcus J. Beach.
    Top five college basketball teams
  1. UNC
  2. UCLA
  3. Kansas
  4. Florida
  5. Kentucky

  6. Beach
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    L.A. Lakers