Welcome to Morgan Kelly's webpage:)

My name is Morgan Kelly. I am a freshman at NCSU. I am studying for a career in aerospace engineering! I want to be an aerospace engineer because I have a huge interest in math, physics, and airplanes! I cannot wait to be able to call myself a rocket scientist!
My favorite break was winter break in 2010 when I met my boyfriend! I had a great time! We went skiing at Sugar Mountain! The funniest thing that happened there was that my sister actually fell off the mountain and a man dressed like spiderman saved her! I can't wait to go back soon!
My favorite websites are Netflix and Facebook!
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    How to order a pizza:
  1. find the phone number for papa john's
  2. Call papa john's
  3. Order pizza with toppings
  4. When pizza delivery person shows up, walk to the door and hand them cash
  5. Enjoy your pizza

Class Expected Grade
Calculus A
E115 S
Chemistry A
Sugar Mountain