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My name is Matthew McLaurin. I'm a freshmen in first year engineering, with aerospace intent. I chose my major partly because it's interesting to me, partly because it has a high chance of leading to career success, and largely because a career in the field will be valuable and fulfilling. The trickiest part of narrowing down a major, for me, was deciding between aerospace and mechanical engineering. I find some of the concepts and intricacies of mechanical engineering to be more interesting, but I think that a degree in aerospace engineering will be more relevant to my intended career.

One hobby that I've had to put on temporary hiatus is messing about with Legos (the dorm room isn't really big enough to justify the hobby.) I used to mostly build mechanical things. My favorite was to build rubber band powered guns out of them, not because I wanted to shoot things, but just because firearms are mechanically pretty cool. Back in middle/high school, I used to play around with the robotic Lego components. I would make walking machines, mostly with at least four legs, because bipedal robots are super hard to make.

The cats vs. dogs debate is a long-running one, and I think that it really comes down to individual pets. If I go and get a dog from the pet store, it will likely grow up to be a pretty friendly animal. There are outliers, obviously, but dogs as a species are pretty friendly. Cats, I think, have a higher likelyhood to be jerks. Many cats are friendly and cool, but then again many are evil, plotting, scratching machines. I am, however, still a "cat person" - and this is because I used to have a cat who was cooler (and friendlier) than any dog I've ever seen.

This goat (actually a lamb) will take you to a website that I use to learn stuff.
It's a goat

I don't currently have access to my resume, but here is a plaintext version of an essay which I'm pretty proud of. heads up, the plaintext version loses basically all of the formatting.

How to make my favorite sandwich: Grilled Pimento Cheese

  1. Start with: my Super Special Home-Made Spicy Jalapeño Pimento Cheese tm, two slices of sour dough bread, and a stick of butter.
  2. Butter non-stick skillet on high heat. (Use lots of butter.)
  3. Fry both sides of each slice of bread in butter for ten seconds each.
  4. Turn heat to low, and spread some Super Special Home-Made Spicy Jalapeño Pimento Cheese tm onto the bread.
  5. form the sandwich by pressing the second slice of bread onto the first, thereby "sandwiching" the cheese - hence the name.
  6. cook in skillet until golden brown, then flip and repeat.
  7. eat.

E115 MA141 EC201
S A+ A+
A Lego walking machine, using the Theo Jansen mechanism