About me and experiences

Hello! My name is Michael Patlovich. I grew up in Florida and moved up to Raleigh to go to school here (NC > FL). My strengths include work ethic and easy of understanding. Sometimes it takes me a little longer to inplement certain techniques but I can pick up and learn most languages pretty quickly. I am currently in a Co-op with Eastman Chemical Company. While there a majority of my job was in SQL (which may be helpful?). Other than that I should've had about the same experience as everyone else has. My preferred email is mrpatlov@ncsu.edu.

Class schedule and commitment

Outside of my schedule the only other time commitments that I have is that I like to go to the gym Monday and Wednesday before class, and Friday after class. But honestly that is flexible if team meetings or homework is needed.

Class schedule

***HEST269 (Monday and Wednesday from 1:55 to 3:45 doesnt start until October


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