Hi, I am Megan Smith and this is my first year being away at college. By Credit hours I am a Sophomore. My intended major is nuclear engineering. I have chosen nuclear engineering because I want to be able to come up with better ways to generate tons of power out of a tiny little atom. The concept of being able to generate enough power from nuclear fusion or fission has always fascinated me.

I think that my favorite break would definitely have to be summer break. It is my favorite break because it is the longest and all of my friends are off from the college that they go to. I really like swimming, tanning, and going to the park during the summer. I really like feeding ducks during the summer. Summer break is also the perfect time for vacation. I also work as a lifeguard at the YMCA during the summer. I work with all of my friends so it is a lot of fun.

My Favorite Pokemon Website Watch
  1. Lay out 2 pieces of gluten free bread
  2. On one of the pieces, put on a thick layer of almond butter
  3. On the second piece, add on a layer of grape jelly
  4. On top of the layer of grape jelly, put a layer of strawberry jelly
  5. Put the almond butter piece of bread on top of the jelly layer of bread
    1. Class Name Expected Grade
      LIT 246 B+
      MATH 192 A-
      PHYS 221 A+
      E115 S