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A few pictures that I love.

My name is Meredith and I'm a freshman at North Carolina State University. I'm majoring in zoology with a minor in mathematics. I hope to get a graduate degree in biomath. Before coming to NCSU, I participated in dancing, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, church basketball, horseback riding, and 4-H. My only real hobby now (out of convenience) is playing guitar. I hope to become involved in ballet again soon, though.

At the bottom of the page, I have linked a few sites that I visit regularly that I think you should check out as well. First is NCSU's home page, where you can learn about the university. Second is a site called Free Rice. It quizzes your vocabulary while donating rice to needy people around the world with every correct answer you get. It's a very worthwhile page. Last, but not least, is The Rainforest Site. All you have to do is click one button to save parts of the rainforest. By clicking up to once a day, you're viewing sponsors that provide the money for this rainforest preservation to occur. Please visit these websites!

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mtb rockin' out icarus
Perhaps my favorite band, Minus the Bear, whom I was lucky enough to see play live (and to eat cake with). Playing some sweet music of my own on Guitar Hero with Jenn. Of all the pictures I've taken, this is my favorite. This is my late gerbil, Icarus.

A little more about me:

My favorite activities

  1. hanging out with Gizmo
  2. playing guitar
  3. doing creative/crafty projects
  4. reading

My favorite websites

NCSU home page

Free Rice The Rainforest Site

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