Don't worry, be happy.

My name is Michaela Wycoff and I am a freshman at NC State this year. My major is going to be human biology after this semester. I plan to pursue medicine and specialize in surgery. Biology will make me the most successful in preparing for medical school as well as a career in medicine. I can't wait to see what the next four years in human biology will bring me.

One of my favorite hobbies is music. I have played flute for 8 years, and have taught myself to play other instruments like piano and guitar. I was first chair in the top band at my high school for two years, and was fortunate to make it into the 11-12 All District Band my senior year. These experiences changed my life. I still play some music but I miss it more than anything. I wouldn't trade my experiences with music for anything and will always cherish the memories they brought me.

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How To Order Pizza
  1. Call pizza place.
  2. Ask politely for your order.
  3. Wait for deliery person to arrive.
  4. The delivery person arrives. Give them a good tip and say thank you.
  5. Eat pizza.

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      Ma 141 A
      Ch 101 A
      E115 S

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