The author's name is Mehrnaz Sadeghian.My major is Electrical Engineering.I chose this major because When I graduate in this major I can get good job for having good salery.Another reason that I chose this major is that when I want to solve a problem I shoud Challenge with problem.I like challenging.I start from 2010 and I am graduating in 2014

My favorit break is summer break.Sensing good and relaxing with family,summer time is to make travel by car easier and safer.Having emotions such as showing a family in their car laughing, singing and having a great time. I also like winter break,Beacause Fall semester is too longand we need some break between Fall semester.And After all Sumemr break is a break , every one like break.

I like summer break because I have hang out with my family and my friends.I do not have any exam and homework,just having fun.I am going to some class that I am interesting to learn.My favorite class is Swimming class.Another reason that I like summer break is I can sleep in yhe morning and I do not have any class in the morning. And after all summer is HOT!

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summer break
  1. Pick your favourite type of bread
  2. Choose a spread that will make the bread stick together
  3. Add fillings
  4. Include a side

My Courses

Course Final Grade
ECE109 97
FLE101 90
ECE200 95

My Major is Electrical Engineering