Hello! and Welcome

My name is Mohammed and I am a junior at NC State University.
My journey to NC STATE has been a long and enduring one but in the end I came to realize what I wanted to accomplish out of college and that was to earn a Bachelor's in Computer Science.
Computers have always been a part of my childhood, but I never saw the pursuit of a career in it until I took a C++ class at Wake Tech.
The sheer layout and formatting plus the concept intrigued me and thus started me on my path of Computer Science.
Now I am NC STATE trying to make this goal attainable and realized and I hope to
make this a reality by becoming successful under the umbrella of Computer Science.

Hobbies are always interesting to learn about in other people. They can range from the craziest to the most unexpecting.
My favorite hobby and most desirable passion is singing and songwriting.
I love to express myself when it comes to writing and I love to work on my voice.
My dream one day if achievable is to become a famous artist in the music industry. Obviously its a long shot but I am willing to put the work in.
I have been singing for a while now and I would not say I am the greatest but I like to think I am pretty good.
Nevertheless I hope to continue this passion even if I do not succeed in attaining fame, because its what I love to do.

Jay Sean and Birdman


How to make peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  1. Take bread out of packet and toast slices
  2. After toasted spread peanut butter onto both slices
  3. Then spread grape jelly on top of peanut butter spread
  4. Toast the entire sandwich this time in a tray toaster

Wa laaah!, Sandwich completed

Class Grade
MAT 242 A
E 115 S
CSC 116 A

I love to sing: Favorite Hobby

Jay Sean Singing