Hello Everyone

My name is Mohammad Alisafaee and i'm majoring in environmental science.I'm a sophomore at North Carolina state university and I will be graduating by 2018. This is my first semester in this university and im enjoying it so far. I picked environmental science major because i'm very interested in the subject of enhancing the environment and climate change. I feel that this field is the future of my life.

My favorite hobby is soccer. I been playing soccer since i was 7 years old and became so good at it when i reached 13. My other hobby is the gym, particularly working out. This hobby started when i got to the US in 2011. USA gyms are the best ones in the world because it inspires people to go to it more often due to great machines and inpirational atmphere. Those two hobbes sums up my weekily activites.

  1. call the pizza store
  2. choose the pizza type
  3. choose the topings
  4. wait to the pizza to be delivered
Course name Course expected grade
E115 S
CH 101 B
Math 101 B