Hello everyone, my name is Mateo Schiemann and I want to welcome you all to this site!


My NC State email

I'm a Sophomore here at NC State, majoring in Chemical Engineering, with minors in German and Food Science. I expect to graduate in December 2019.

I chose Chemical Engineering because I really enjoyed my chemistry and math classes, both in high school and in college. I also really love the fact that Chemical Engineering is really broad, and therefore, gives me a lot of options for when I graduate. I love renewable and find the subject not only fascinating, but also very important. That's why I intend to use my engineering degree to work in renewable energy.

Class Course Title Semester
CH 221 Organic Chemistry I Fall 2017
CHE 205 Chemical Processes Principles Fall 2017
CHE 311 Transport Processes I Spring 2018
CHE 315 Chemical Processes Thermo Spring 2018
CHE 225 Chemical Engineering Analysis Spring 2018