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My name is Matt Gilgo. I'm a freshman here at NC State. I am in First Year Engineering, waiting to CODA into either Electrical or Chemical Engineering. I am not sure which one I really prefer to be in, but because I do not have a high ESS score I'm just going to take what I can get. I am interested in Electrical because I love working with circuits, and Chemical because it can get you higher up in the management at a plant.

My favorite animal ismigos fish. I like fish more than any other animal because fish are nice and don't try to hurt you. Many people like dogs, but a few dogs bit me when I was little so I am not too particularly fond of them. My favorite kind of fish are probably Mahi Mahi, because they have a beautiful color when you first catch them and taste really good when grilled. My favorite house fish are goldfish, because when I was little I had two and they were really cool.
Favorite Website Grantland
  1. Argue about what pizza you and your family should order
  2. Decide on pizza without any casualties
  3. Call up Dominos/Pizza Hut/etc.
  4. Place your order

      Course Name Expected Grade
      E 115 Pass
      EC 205 A
      MA 241 A-
      PY 205 B+

      Mahi Mahi