Welcome to my website about Rock Climbing: the best sport in the world

My name is Michael Herberger. I am a civil engineering student. I chose this major because I want a focus in structural. I also like the physics side of engineering. My ideal job would be in construction of rock climbing walls with El Dorado Climbing walls.

Rock climbing is my favorite hobby. I love climbing because I like sports. I got very tired of losing on team sports so I decided to venture out to an individual sport. Also, I don't compete yet so it's nice to be able to just climb and not worry about others. I also work at my rock climbing gym because the membership is $65 a month. I am a poor college student so I can't afford that.

Best Search Engines
  1. a piece of honey wheat bread
  2. smother some honey on that
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class Grade
e115 Pass
Phi 205 D-
Chem 101 B+