Michael Skarbek

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Info about me

I am pursuing a Nuclear Engineering degree at NCSU with an anticipated graduation date of May 2019

Why I chose nuclear

I believe the world is currently on a path to unbearable destruction caused by our incessant need to burn fossil fuels. Unless we figure out a way to capture the pollution from burning those fuels, we need alternative ways to power the world. One of the most successful current clean energy is nuclear power. I want to leave behind a legacy of pursuing more advanced forms of nuclear power that are safer and more efficient than today's achievements.

Class Course Title Semester
CSC 113 Intro to Computing: MATLAB Fall 2016
MAE 206 Statics Fall 2016
ES 200 Climate Change and Sustainability Fall 2016
NE 202 Radiation Sources, Interactions, and Detection Spring 2017
MAE 208 Dynamics Spring 2017